Blues for the Stamp 2016


Spring is in full force, which means 1) allergies and 2) the Blue Gaucho Project crew has started preparations for the next edition of Blues for the Stamp!

We’re excited to announce that this year’s event will take place at Beatnik Studios on September 29th!  The latest Blues for the Stamp event is coming hot on the heels of an amazing 2015 edition, which was a landmark event for several reasons:

  1. Jessie Bridges and Tim Marcus come onboard to headline the show. The Bay Area singer-songwriter rocked the show with her incredible voice and  became our first headliner at a Blues for the Stamp.
  2. Our good friend and talented, mixed media artist Kim Lau joined us again to showcase her wonderful work inspired by the Breast Cancer Research Stamp.
  3. Joe Whalen was deservedly awarded the second annual Ernie Award for his amazing work and contributions to CureBreastCancer, Inc. and helping get Blues for the Stamp off the ground.
  4. Cure Breast Cancer, Inc. officially launched a new project called the Cure Series, which partners with wineries to create wines in support of breast cancer research.
  5. Last, but not least, the event set the stage for the sale of the BILLIONTH Breast Cancer Research Stamp just a few months later.

When we first teamed up with Dr. Ernie Bodai in 2014 to create Blues for the Stamp, our goal was to contribute to the fight against breast cancer by helping push sales of the Breast Cancer Research Stamp to 1 billion. Although we’ve succeeded in reaching this goal, our work isn’t done until breast cancer is completely eradicated. We’re encouraged by the progress we’ve made thus far and look forward to putting on another great event this year that brings us another step closer to ending this terrible disease.

Stay tuned for more details on this year’s event in the coming weeks!